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About My Social Calendar

My Social Calendar is a Private Social Events Club for single men and women. The organization was founded in 2017 and has hosted thousands of unique and memorable events. Currently, My Social Calendar has four primary locations; Long Island, Washington D.C., New York/New Jersey, and Philadelphia. However, the company is looking to expand, with Boston, Charlotte, Tampa, and South Florida locations coming soon.

It’s important to understand that My Social Calendar isn’t a dating service. There’s no need for awkward photos or carefully planned bios. Instead, My Social Calendar is a company that offers carefully curated events covering a variety of interests. Every month the event coordinators design a new event calendar, ensuring something for everyone. These events help encourage people to show up, have fun, and not stress about planning. Instead, they get to have a great time in a group setting. This has the added benefit of helping people make new friends and develop different relationships. The best part is the entire process feels natural and organic – because it is!

My Social Calendar is proud to say that every single event has a host. In other words, there’s always somebody paying attention to the details. This same host will meet and greet every event attendee, including offering introductions for everyone. This simple step acts as a social lubricant, removing the awkwardness of introducing yourself. Overall, the goal of each event is to help people be themselves, have fun, and create fantastic new memories. This is true whether it is your first or your hundredth event.

On average, My Social Calendar will offer between twenty-two and twenty-four different events each month. As for what type of events are available can be anything, including wine tastings, bowling, trivia nights, concerts, sports events, hot air balloon rides, kayaking, local festivals, hiking, and holiday parties. However, these are but a few of the potential examples! It is entirely likely that you will find an even wider variety of events upon signing up. Most event sizes range between fifteen and twenty people, ensuring that the group will still feel intimate while optimizing the number of people you can meet.

Since its founding in 2017, My Social Calendar has had over four thousand members join. Likewise, they have proudly hosted over ten thousand events. These numbers will continue to rise, especially as new locations and opportunities arise. Those curious about the ratios will be pleased to hear that My Social Calendar averages sixty percent women and forty percent men. Likewise, the members tend to come from a diverse range of backgrounds. It is entirely possible to find exactly who you are looking for through My Social Calendar.

Getting started with My Social Calendar is as easy as one, two, three. First, sign up online. Second, browse the available events in your area. Finally, start attending – and socializing! It’s that easy. Now and always, the mission statement of My Social Calendar is “to help people meet new friends and develop new, lasting relationships.”

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